Does Fioricet Work for Migraine Headaches?

Migraine headaches have become more common these days; they can be terrible for anyone dealing with them. Though the problem may not be severe in every case, it can be problematic in most cases. 

The migraine pain usually translates as strong and pounding headaches that can be very annoying. Typically, the pain occurs on one side of the head and feels like something is pinching your head. The worst cases of the situation can make the person feel sick to their stomach and cause restlessness and other issues. 

What’s the use of the Fioricet drug?

Fioricet is a well-known medicine that’s only accessible to a patient with its legal prescription from the doctor. The drug’s use is to relieve tension headaches that can be mild or severe. Although the on-label use of the medicine is limited, some doctors provide it as an effective treatment for migraine. 

Three different elements combine to form the dose of Fioricet. Namely, they are –

  • Acetaminophen – Mild fever reducer and pain-relieving substance


  • Caffeine – Helps to expand blood vessels for easy blood flow 


  • Butalbital – Works as a stimulant; helps decrease muscle contraction 

The active elements of Fioricet are helpful in making the person feel normal by siding away the cause of tension headache. Also, one must take medicine in the correct amount, or else it can trigger other warnings. 

Will Fioricet help to overcome migraine?

When a person suffers from severe pain conditions, they may not know which medicine will have the best results for their health. In the same manner, one must take medication for the reasons that the doctor administers. 

The use of Fioricet for migraines is not common, yet some doctors may prescribe it per the patient’s health and situation. Though using the drug for migraine is not an on-label treatment, it has shown some benefitting effects in some users. 

Though the medicine may not be suitable for everyone, it can have positive effects when used for a specific time. More so, many other safer options come specifically for the treatment of migraine pain. You can apply to them after confirming with your health advisor its usage. 

What are the dangers of taking Fioricet for migraine?

If you are taking a medicine for its label purposes, you may also develop side effects. It further means that you may go through situations that are not safe for your health in any manner. Here is the list of dangers that may take place –

  • Habit-forming effect: When you continue using the drug for a specific time, it is possible to develop a dependency upon the drug, which may result in other problems. In short, staying without the medication for long hours may become impossible.


  • Makes the feel extremely sleepy: The dose of Fioricet consists of Butalbital, a relaxant that makes you feel highly sleepy until the effect lasts. More so, it can be harmful if you combine it with alcohol or similar drinks.


  • Too much drug will damage your liver: The active element of Acetaminophen in the formation of Fioricet drug tends to damage your liver. Thus, if you already suffer the issue, take it to your doctor and change the medication.


  • Sudden withdrawal is harmful: Though the use of Fioricet may not be safe if you have been using it for a while, make sure you do not stop taking it abruptly. In simple words, sudden withdrawal from a drug will cause dangerous and life-threatening issues.