Privacy Policy

The services we deliver at are rare and not what you can get at every online pharmacy. We keep it our prime motto to safeguard the privacy of our customers under the Privacy Policy of the company. Hence, before you move any further on the website, we would like you to consider our terms and policies for keeping your personal information intact.

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy of our company by chance, we would suggest you withdraw from using the site at once. It is because if you continue using our pages, it means that you agree with all the terms that relate to the guidelines of the website.

Storing Personal Data/Information –

As you open our website to surf through the pages, a few things get auto-saved into our database. That’s the reason we have already said that if you want to keep your data private, you can immediately withdraw from using the site.

We may ask for your personal information to provide you with the best services from our end. The information that will be collected includes – name, email, phone number, address, IP address, and cookies from your browser. It helps us in getting to know more about your interests so that we can provide you with the best services of an online pharmacy.

What’s the purpose of collecting personal information?

Before we store your personal data, we always ask for your permission. As you visit the site, a pop-up will appear asking to agree or not agree to the terms and conditions of the website. It usually stores your browser’s cookies to give you the desired results as per your preferences. The purposes for which we collect your information are as follows –

  1. We need to send messages and emails regarding the offers and discounts that run on the website from time to time.
  2. We have to guide you through the shipping and delivery process of the products that you purchase from our website.
  3. We would provide you with the answers and solutions if you have any queries related to the product or other services from

Data privacy issues –

We ensure to make our site completely out of reach from any external theft on the web. There are so many cybercrime activities that keep on arising in a relaxed manner. That’s why our developers are continuously working on the security panel of the site to keep your information intact and secure on the internet.

Our belief is to provide our customers with utmost security of their personal belonging so that they can visit the site as per their need. It encourages our sales and makes them approve to the site and gain trust in our working. However, we would suggest you not get involved in any act that has no control over the issues from our end.

Sharing of data and Third-party sites –

Before we begin with our process, we would like our customers to note that there are a lot of third-party acts that keep on emerging on our site. They are merely promotional schemes that get in linked with us to uplift their company and reliable sources. Whatsoever, we never tell our customers to purchase their services. They mostly appear in the form of ads, and if you click on them, you will be redirected to their site, which we won’t have any control over.

We want our customers/viewers to be aware of any online fraud or theft that mostly goes by trusting unreliable online sources. Thus, if there is any loss or theft of personal information from any third-party act, we won’t be liable for such losses. Lastly, if you do not want to get involved in any risky online behaviour, we want you to stay away from such sites.